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Second Notes for iOS

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Second Notes for iOS | USD0.99

iOS11 and later


Second Notes for Mac | USD7.99

macOS 10.12 and later


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macOS 10.12 and later

What's New

May 2, 2023 Second Notes for iOS 2.0.4 is released.


Second Notes for iOS

Second Notes is an app for making a note with Live Markdown.

The Live Markdown automatically indents lists and quoted strings, and changes font to bold or italic.

And the Note is stored in iCloud Drive, so you can share the note with your iOS devices and Macs.

New Note


Header list


Typing text with Live markdown and preview via converted HTML

Second Notes uses Markdown like text formatting, and automatically indents text in a list and quote paragraph, and make strings bold or italic. The preview button shows HTML converted text in the web view.

If you can't see bold or italic, please check if the selected font has a italic or bold font in its family. For example "Lucida Grande" that is used as a system font doesn't have a italic in the family.

If you want to show a local image in the preview, the image has to be located in you picture folder due to the security protection of Mac OSX.

iCloud and Second Notes for Mac

Second Notes saves a note in your iCloud folder. You can share the note with your Mac via Second Notes for Mac which has the same Live Markdown feature.

The search field at the upper-left can be used for searching a string in the whole notes listed in the screen. If a note has the string, the rupe icon will be shown.

When you click the rupe icon, the note is shown and the list of searched strings is also shown as a popover. Touching a row in the list will scroll the Note to show the string in the view.

Scrolling Note

When you touch the lower right button in the Note view, the list of Markdown headers in the Note is shown as below. Touching a row in the list will scroll the Note to show the header in the view.

Header list

Context Menu

When you long press a row of Note list, the context menu is shown for making an action for the Note: Duplicate, Delete, Rename and Share.

Drag and Drop

A Note can be move into a folder via Drag and Drop.

When you long touch a Note in the list, the row image will be change a little bit to show it can be movable. Then drag the image to a folder row, the Note will move into the folder. Also the drag and drop can be used to move a Note between iCloud and On My Device.

Arithmetic button

Type a fomula and click the Arithmetic button in the keyboard accessory, the result will be inserted after the fomula.

Importing Text or Markdown file

You can open a Text or a Markdown file by Second Notes which is attached in the mail.

Keyboard shortcuts

Custom URL schemes

Second Notes receives Custom URL schemes.

How to use

Markdown tags are supported by Live Markdown and HTML Preview