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vCard Editor for iOS

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iOS11 and later


vCard Editor for iOS BETA

iOS11 and later

What's New

May 28, 2024 vCard Editor for iOS 1.1.6 is released.

Sep 10, 2019 vCard Editor for iOS BETA is released in the TestFight

vCard Editor for iOS

vCard Editor is the application for viewing and editing vCard files.
When you receive a vCard via Email or AirDrop etc, you can send it to vCard Editor instead of iOS Contacts app, and check and modify it, then export it to your Contacts or save it in the iCloud Drive as a file.
Also you can use vCard Editor not only for viewing and editing vCard but also for a private AddressBook.
And using embedded vCard Extention, you can export a contact to merge it to the other vCard file.

Features of vCard Editor for iOS

Create and Edit a vCard file

The first page of vCard Editor is the file browser for selecting vCard file in your device or iCloud. And the view contains "Create Document" for create a new vCard.

When you select the vCard, the contact list view is shown as below. Touch the contact will show you the contact infomation. And the Edit button at the upper right corner is for editing the contact. The plus button in the list is for adding a new contact by hand or capturing QRCode.

Import from vCard

Click the plus button at the upper right corner in the vCard List window, the action menu "Import from vCard" is shown. Click the menu, then the document browser opens for selecting another vCard file. When you select the vCard, the contacts in the vCard is inserted the vCard you initially opened.

As you cannot chose which contacts insert in the vCard, it will better to make sure how many contacts in the vCard before you start to import.

Context menu for operating vCard

When you long touch the row in the list, the context menu is shown as below.

Create QRCode

You can create QRCode for the selected contact by using the context menu explained above. And you can select which item of contact should be convert in the QRCode.

vCard Extension

vCard Editor bundles vCard Extension which is designed for exporting a contact in the other vCard file. It is shown when you select the "Share Contact" menu in the contact view in iOS Contacts app as below. The vCard Extension will show you the file browser for selecting a vCard file which you want to export. Then the contact will be merged into the vCard file.

Drag and Drop on iPad

You can Drag and Drop a contact to the other app when you use vCard Editor on iPad.

When you long touch the row of the contact list, you can drag the contact. With holding the dragging item, Touch the home button or swipe the bar at the bottom in order to go back home. Then dragging the item to vCard Editor. Continue to drag the item in the contact list of vCard editor. When the item's icon is chaned to the plus mark, you can drop the item. The contact will be copied into the dropped vCard file.
Pleae note that you need to open a vCard file in the vCard Editor before dragging a contact. And you can drag and drop from vCard Editor to iOS Contacts as well.

Changing the subtitle of contact in the list

The subtile is the string of the second row of the Contact in the list.
When you touch the ⚙️ button at the bottom of the contact list, the popover view shows the list of Company, Phone, Email, Address, Instant Message, Social Network" as below. You can select one of them, then, the information is displayed at the subtitle.

Adding group and select contact belongs to the group

vCard Editor uses the "Category" of the vCard format in order to group contacts.

At first you need to add a group by touching the group button at the bottom of the contact list. The group popover is shown and touch the plus button in order to add a group.

Then long-touch the contact in the list which you want to add in the group. Select the group in the context menu, then a group which is shown in the group popover.

To show the member of a group, touch the group in the group list. The contact list changes to to show the member of group.

Operating system requirements:

vCard Editor works in iOS11 and later.